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HAPPENINGS: July 2021--Effervescent Winds

On July 29, 2021, I performed a recital of works written for me by Phoenix Composers Bill Clay and Charles Zoll. We hosted this concert at SageBrush Coffee, a cafe and arts space in Chandler, AZ, and called it "Effervescent Winds".

I performed Bill Clay's "Two Flights for B-Flat Clarinet", a piece I commissioned as part of my doctoral research. Bill also wrote me a solo bass clarinet piece called "Effervescent Richness", which was a musical representation of a journey into a glass of dark beer. This piece was HARD, but dark beer and bass clarinet are two of my favorite things, so how could I say no?

Charles Zoll's "Bubbles" for mixed woodwind ensemble also made an appearance on the program, as did his "Jelly Bean" for clarinet quartet. Bill Clay didn't want to be left out of the chamber music fun, so he wrote "Interstitial" for clarinet quartet as well. It was great to collaborate with flute and oboe friends I haven't seen since before the pandemic, and it's always a blast to take the stage with Madera Picante Clarinet Quartet!

This was my first live performance since I graduated with my doctorate in May 2021. 2021 was a weird year to graduate with an advanced degree in music performance, and I don't have words to tell you just how GOOD it felt to collaborate with other musicians in front of an audience again!

Here's a promo video Bill, Charles, and I made where we talk about this concert, as well as our art in general:

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