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HAPPENINGS--August 2021---New Music Gathering

This month, I got on a plane with my Wiseman case to ACTUALLY GO PLAY MUSIC IN ANOTHER CITY!!!!

This is something I had been SO HUNGRY to get back to doing---traveling for music is one of the most exciting things I get to do.

New Music Gathering was in St. Paul, Minnesota this year. I played two pieces from my doctoral research--Kim Farris-Manning's "Od-ieu" and Jessi Harvey's "8 Months". It seemed like a lot of performers came to share their COVID projects at this conference; it was neat to see what everyone had been up to and be part of conversations about creating in the face of isolation. I was proud of how I played, and inspired a few composers to think about the extended technique singing-while-playing differently---hopefully new collaborations featuring those sounds coming soon!

I met new artists as well as several folks I had known only over the internet. Performances by Marianne Parker and Thiago Ancelmo were highlights for me, and I enjoyed hearing Greg Oakes perform on his new microtonal clarinet as well as chatting with him about the instrument. Samn Johnson and Tis Zamler-Karhart completely blew me away with an electro acoustic opera setting of a Latin text, specifically intended for the trans voice. Jessi Harvey was kind enough to host me in her St. Paul house. I also got to reconnect with flutist Emma McCartney, who showed me around the best parts of the Twin Cities. Good food, good times, good music---I was very happy at New Music Gathering!

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